Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shadowtraders / Barbara Cohen an Introduction to Emini Futures Trading

Dear Trader...
My name is Barbara Cohen.  I am writing to you because I know that you are an investor.  Like you, I am an investor too.

I've been trading online for over 10 years. My first introduction to online trading was as a computer programmer. I had a broker who had a computer system on his desktop. He led me to believe that his system gave him real time buy and sell alerts. I figured that if his programmer could create a trading system, so could I.

I bought a book of 750 pages of trading formulas. I coded each one, looking for indicators that worked in different Market conditions. After months of testing, I realized there was far more to trading than just technical analysis formulas. I needed to know what the insiders knew, understand their secrets. I knew I had to shadow them, buy when they buy and sell when they sell. But how?

It took me years of meeting the right people, learning from experience, and most important, losing money, to finally develop indicators that help me be consistent.   It is said, "until you lose money you are not a trader." I can tell you I definitely qualify to be called a Trader .

(Psst...after I had spent hundreds of hours developing a trading system with real time buy and sell alerts, I found out my broker's trading system actually never provided entry / exit signals, it just gave quotes.)

But look. You don't need to go through the same learning curve I did. For a limited time, you can have the same strategies I use every day trading online. Understand, I cannot promise you the same results as me. Why? Because I don't know you. I don't know if you are serious about trading. Mostly, I don't know your work ethic.

Nor can I guarantee that every trade you make will be successful. Shadowtraders is registered as a Commodity  Trading Advisor with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission,  and I am a licensed Series 3 broker. Shadowtraders doesn't claim that you will make thousands of dollars every day, like so many other websites you visit. But my guarantee is to give you the exact same trading strategies I use every day when I trade.

Check out my articles on Futures Trading from the link on the top.
Your trading friend,
Barbara Cohen 


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